Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

A lot happened this week from Cologne to Grevenbroich, Frankfurt to Belgium. This busy week started on Monday with chicken and leech from the canteen. Due to a furniture fair in Cologne, hotel prices rose up to more than 300 Euro which made us search for cheaper alternatives. My colleague was able to find a hotel about 35 minutes outside of Cologne in a town called Grevenbroich. This town has even its own music video (unfortunately in German but the dull scenes describe exactly how this town is in reality :). 

Nevertheless, the food was very good. We had some Greek food in a very near by Greek restaurant and enjoyed the calm before the storm before going back to Cologne
Back in Cologne I was stuck in "salad time". I had this salad with chicken and vegetables because I could not find any time for "real food."

The time came on Thursday: Kick-Off Event with 58 people, due to my organizing role, I ordered all the food and picked Austrian tapas, and many different Austrian treats. Beside others: prime boiled beef, veal and vegetarian alternatives and tasty deserts. A large contrast to the program on Friday where I had a Schnitzelbrötchen and a Croissant in the office while wrapping up the Kick-Off Event and preparing for the next weeks. The Schnitzelbrötchen just made me ready for the next adventure this week - Belgium!!

On Saturday morning we drove to to Belgium with two cars and six of our friends. We ate lots and lots. Belgium fries, Belgium beer, waffles, and she even had a Mitriette (a sandwich with meat patties, ketchup, mayo, onions, salad, french fries, more ketchup and more mayo). Contradictory to the video, we all did not find that Belgium is a boring country. The food is tasty, the beer and chocolate interesting and yummy and the people very nice. Looking forward to more weekend trips to many more European countries :)

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