Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Milkshakes

Summer has finally come to Frankfurt (and we cross our fingers that it actually stays). Summer means to us, picnics on the river, BBQ, cool drinks and ice cream. We decided to combine these last two things and made delicious summer milkshakes!

Milkshakes are only starting to becoming known in Germany, and in all honestly, they are extremely unimpressive here. We recommend saving your money and making milkshakes at home. This way you can get the flavor and thickness you want at almost no cost.

We made two types of milkshake last week. Banana for him, chocolate chip for her.

Not quite sure how to make your own? Don't worry, it is easy! All you need is:

Ice cream (any flavor but we recommend starting with something basic like vanilla or chocolate)
Milk (not too much!)
Any extras you would like. For example, chocolate pieces, banana, other berries.
A blender (We don't have a blender so we used a hand mixer/puree thing. It was more difficult but it still worked!)

Scope the ice cream into the blender or a bowl if you will be using a different type of mixer.

Pour in milk (less than you would imagine!) For two scoops of ice cream you will want about 1/2 cup milk. Experiment and decide how thick you like your shake. It is always easier to add milk later than ice cream so start slow.

Add extras - Blend - Pour into a glass - Enjoy!

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