Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

Hello Fellows, Ladies and Gentleman! I am back! After my harddisk had conveniently given up working on several sectors, I was able to use a USB stick with Ubuntu to recover most of my data. Among my precious files I was also able to recover the daily food pictures! And here they are... my food pictures and storys including two weeks.
Monday started with Thai food from a local thai place just around the corner of my hotel. Currently, I am  training for a charity run and pass this thai place every time I do my circles. Time to test it and so my collegue and me ordered it to the hotel. Well mistake.. 2,50 € extra charge for the delivery bringing it 150 feet. Next time I will get it myself. Nevertheless, it was delicious and we ate it on the deck of the hotel in the very first sun in Cologne this year.
Fish and potatoes on Tuesday and goulash on Wednesday. 

The goulash was served with rice... still good but unusual.Healthy food on Thursday after coming home. We had vegetables and sandwiches made to test food which we would serve to our friends on the following weekend for our game/snack night. The following Friday she suprised him with very delicious wraps, filled with chicken, salad, onions, paprika and cheese. Saturday midday was planned to be a fleamarket day. Due to blockupy demonstrations in Frankfurt, we ended up in the "Kleinmarkthalle" and had these sweet greek rolls filled with some kind of nut paste. On Sunday she made chicken burgers. Inspired by a Burger King comercial, but too cheap and lazy to go or buy anything from Burger King. She made him "finger lickin good" chicken burgers breaded with cornflakes combined with snacky food.
After successfully ruining my harddisk on Sunday, Monday started out with a great and unhealthy snack: backed WanTans which are the Chinese small and fried version of Maultaschen in Germany. On Tuesday I ate Polenta, which I learned is apparently made of corn... Tastes kind of like cheese what I ate here but still pretty decent with zucchini. 
On Wednesday we had a small team dinner and enjoyed the Kroatian kitchen in Frechen. "Meat"-alicious is all I can say to the meal ;). Thursday was wrap day with chips and coleslaw in the evening sun on our balcony. The first time ever we could enjoy the sun on our balcony and enjoy the sun going down behind the skyline of Frankfurt! On Friday we went to Friedberger Markt which is a place where many many people meet, drink and chat until 10 at night and then go out afterwards. Fun and delicious if you get, like us, samosas. But you have to be fast... stores and booths close by 8:30 - 9 at night to make everybody leave at 10 and to spare residents from the noise. Saturday was asparagus day followed by a pancake soup on Sunday while discussing our next trip to France. Paris it is so stay tuned in July to figure out what we enjoy in frogeater country ;).

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