Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

This Monday was a special Monday. I was able to get a train later than usual to Cologne and she was able to join me half way (okay, maybe more like 20 minutes of the 1.5 hour trip) due to her job at the Air Hub in Frankfurt. We both had a free cup of coffee in the DB Lounge and were able to start our working days together :o). That night I tried two cremes from the local supermarket. One was with honey mustard and one with bear leak or wild garlic (how it is also called). No wonder I liked it!!
Tuesday was Thai day. I ordered spicy noodles with veggies. Well... the noodles looked a bit like rice to me :D - At least the beer was Tsingtao and tasted like cheap English but not bad light beer.
On Wednesday I had a vegetable pattie with tomato sauce and rice which inspired me to make this kind of vegetable patty myself, later in the week. The recipe and pictures will follow soon.

After a hot and busy day on Thursday I felt brought back to my childhood. The bell rang in front of our office and there it was: A typical crappy Italian Fiat transporter selling delicious ice cream.I was so busy enjoying the ice cream that I forgot to take a picture of it. Friday started out healthier with tomato soup and a cheese sandwich. This lasted only until late at night when we had chicken fingers after our visit of the English Theatre in Frankfurt. We watched a play set in Boston which made me hungry for real American food (except I got these chicken fingers at an Australian bar...).
On Saturday we got invited to a birthday party. Here is what she made: Cupcakes with delicious chocolate topping (recipe also to follow shortly). On Sunday we had visitors from the US and we wanted to put on the full program. I made Schnitzel with potato salad, Knödel and Rotkraut. After all that food and a beer our visitors where ready to sleep and to overcome their jet lag. We are looking forward to eating some typical Texan food when we visit them someday.

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