Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thai Curry with Chicken, Carrots, and Bell Pepper

We have made curry many times but have never blogged about it because it either was not very good, we had no idea how we made it (lots of adding random stuff until it tasted like we wanted), or we forgot to take pictures. This time we followed a recipe (for the most part, we did add lots of extra seasonings), remembered to take pictures (a few), and it turned out very tasty. Therefore, finally a curry blog entry!

Two servings:

250 g chicken breast
1 garlic clove
1 Tbs (EL) curry powder
200 ml coconut milk (usually 1/2 container)
175 ml water
1 Tbs (EL) oil
1 tsp (Tl) vegetable broth powder
150 g carrots (or bell pepper, or onions, or a mix thereof!)
salt, pepper, seasonings of choice

Slice the carrots into thin rounds (or the paprika and onions into slices) and the chicken into small cubes. Heat the oil on the stove over medium-high. Add the chicken and let brown.

Add the vegetables and turn down the heat to medium. Let cook until they start to get soft.

Add the garlic (pressed is easiest) and let brown for about one minute. Cover everything in the curry powder and stir before adding the water and vegetable broth powder.  Also add the coconut milk.

Let simmer for at least 15 minutes or until everything begins to thicken and the carrots are cooked through. Season additionally as wished. We added lots including salt, pepper, paprika powder, oregano, basil, and parsley. This is just what tasted right to us!

During these 15 minutes of waiting you can get your rice cooking.

Serve hot with rice and/or bread and enjoy! He made some naan to go with it (although the recipe, which we will post soon, seemed to be more like regular rolls than actual naan).

The pictures posted show no carrots because we did not have any the first time we made this. The next day she made it again (it was that good and we had to use up the coconut milk) and used carrots which was extremely delicious!

This recipe was adapted from Mukisale

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