Monday, February 25, 2013

Mix-Up Monday: German Cars

This Monday mix-up was inspired but a theme at tonight’s pub quiz. Yes, she is a weekly pub quiz goer, but that is an entirely different topic.

The theme for the photo round tonight was car brands. Americans, in comparison to Germans, have absolutely no respect for their cars. We know, we know, someone out there is saying noooo, I love my car, I wax it, I take care of it, I know everything about it, and I am American! There may be a few people like that in the USA, but in general, Germans love their cars like no one else in the world. 
The pride for German-built cars is clear. – Mercedes, Audi, BMW, they have the luxury brands that are enough out of reach to be special but not so out of reach that they are not. But hold on, that is not true. THEY ARE NOT OUT OF REACH!
Americans, it turns out, have a giant misconception when it comes to German cars. She never knew this until she asked him why so many Mercedes and Audis in Germany are ugly (yes, she did say ugly, deal with it). She could not believe that these luxury brands had such ugly looking family cars. It turns out, America does not import the low models of these luxury brands. What she grew up seeing were the highest of the models, not the everyday family cars. The reason that there are so many luxury German car brands on the road is because they are really not that impossible to buy if you have the option to buy the low class models.

Obviously, German cars are known around the world as being great because they are, but they just aren’t all that Americans are led to believe. To her, they are still just cars…

She can go on about this and the love Germans have for their cars...including a German song that talks about how German men treat their cars better than their wives, but it is almost midnight and she is tried and needs to get this posted!


  1. Well compare to American car, I'll choose German car. But if you are looking for a cheap but reliable vehicle I will suggest Japanese cars.

  2. She can agree with that. When she was in the USA she had a Honda :)

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