Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

This week started out with an experiment: How to "cook" a tomato mozzarella dish in your hotel room without a kitchen.
No knife or even the ingredients? I did not care, I wanted some tomato mozzarella. Girlfiends addiction is growing on me. So I bought all the ingredients at the local Penny market (where nothing is a penny but it is cheap) and asked the hotel to provide me with a knife and a plate.
The result turned out to be pretty yummy and together with a roll this was my very decent and not to expensive dinner.

On Tuesday we decided to go to a nearby canteen in a furniture store. Beside watching lots of retirees "hunting" for their food we were also able to receive a good meal for lunch.
I decided to take some food from the vegetable buffet and got some potatoes to go with it. 

Wednesday night we went back to the Croatian restaurant I talked about last week. I ordered a very not Croatian meal,  a Rumpsteak with mushrooms which was very awesome. We decided immediately to make this restaurant our choice for the team dinner the next week. 
Thursday was homecoming day this week :) - my lovely lady surprised me with a very typical lazy --but awesome -- dish: homemade nachos with hot ground beef sauce and sour cream. Mjuuuummmmy!

After work on Friday I came home so hungry that I had to make myself a very easy and fast sandwich. I took a "Wiener W├╝rstchen" put it on a toast and inhaled it :). 

On Saturday we were invited to a friends dinner and buffet party which included a lot of fun and good conversation. Here I got myself some meatballs, a super extraordinary "I want the recipe" tofu stir fry, salad, Tzatiki and pita bread.

Sunday was a lot of work regarding food. Because she was sick and deserved some good food, I decided to make some Swabian Maultaschen from scratch. Here is the delicious result and the recipe will soon follow here.

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