Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mix-Up Monday: What Time is it?

Such a simple obvious difference between the USA and Germany, yet something that comes up and causes problems time and time again. The time difference between the USA and Germany is quite large, nine hours from the Western USA and six hours from the Eastern USA (we won't even get into Alaska and Hawaii). Although not an everyday annoyance, we really notice the difference when special events take place in the USA, for example the Super Bowl last night. The kick-off did not take place until after midnight in Germany, making it impossible for us to watch and still survive Monday at work. This is especially frustrating in years, like this one, when the teams hold some personal interest for us - where she grew up versus where she went to university. In three weeks we will face the same problem again when trying to watch the Oscars...and yes, of course we can record them and what them later but everyone knows that is not the same.


These examples are rare, but that does not mean that the rest of the year we are not affected by the large time difference. Just trying to call home can involve major planning because you need to find a time that fits both you and the person you are trying to call. This can be almost impossible during the work week.

We know we have little to complain about when a nine hour time change is one of the biggest annoyances we face, but it would still be nice if the USA would plan big events for Saturday not Sunday nights :)

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