Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

This week started out with a classic meal from the local Chinese place here in Frechen. I had some spicy chicken with veggies. Not very exciting I know, but as you can tell, we are very limited with what there is to eat here.
On Tuesday I tried pita bread with some paprika and tomato cream together with two pieces of baklava. I was very excited about the baklava because the owner of the shop where I bought the food was just about to close the store. Normally he would have sold me the sweet starting from 2.50 EUR but due to my late night bargaining skills I was able to get it down to only 1 EUR. :) (This is basically impossible to do in Germany which is why it is such a big deal and so impressive :) )
On Wednesday I went and got something (at least for me) very special. I was able to get a sausage roll! This reminded me on my time in Worcester, England while working for a thermochemical company. The local canteen there had always sausage rolls and these where my daily target. Due to the popularity of the sausage rolls in this company, I was always very excited when I got hold of one. Here in Cologne it was just smiling at me and I was able to just buy it without defending it from my former collegues.
Thursday was Valentine's day. I drove home to her and invited her to a Uighur Restaurant (Yes, we had no idea what it was at first either until we looked it up on Wikipedia). Here we had some delicious Lagman noodles and Benschir. The Langman noodles are handmade there and apparently the only ones available in Germany. The other meal we got are steamed dumblings filled similar to the Maultaschen we made with the difference that these have their origin in Northern China, Mongolia, and the Altay Mountains. However if you want to try it, visit the Taklamakan in Frankfurt, the only Uighur restaurant in Germany. :)
On Friday we went out with a lot of friends to Sachsenhausen and had to eat quick and easy. Our result was Spaghetti Bolognese which paved the way into our very entertaining evening.
This time I don't have a nice enough picture for Sunday due to the fact that we had more than 10 friends over for a Playstation and Wii afternoon. At the same time we were making crepes on a real crepe machine and the pictures only ended up on real cameras. Maybe one picture will find its way into the blog :).
Instead of posting the Sunday crepe picture, I choose to post our lox roll with tomato salad and chips. A very good finish for this very entertaining week.


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  2. When I looked at your post the only thing I saw was the sausage roll. It looks amazing!!! I miss them too. And Cornish pasties. Omg Cornish pasties.

  3. :) I could bring you some from Cologne next week haha... Mjummy Sausage roll!