Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Tales: Daily Food of a Consultant

I was able to receive homemade food more than four times this week :)  Monday night started me off in Frechen with a salad, yogurt, shrimp and a poppy seed roll. Tuesday, was noddle and goulash day which was triple the amount needed but pretty tasty. On Wednesday, I only captured my fruit salad because we had Subway in the afternoon an I decided to take a pictures of the healthier one :). For the first time since November, I was able to take the train home on Wednesday night, which is why I got to eat so much homemade stuff this week.
On Thursday I felt like some real meat so I made myself a Rumpsteak with a tasty salad. On Friday, I received a salad (the unhealthy type) - nachos mixed with hot peppers, ground beef in sauce, corn and sour cream. We were in a rush on Saturday so I made my favorite  Aglio Olio pasta with a little spin to it. This time we ate it with king prawns, garlic and a baguette. Reward for my cooking all weekend was received on Sunday when she made American chocolate chip banana pancakes with bacon  and served them to me with some fresh coffee in bed *mmmmh*

Enjoy your week! Eat well!

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